Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Latest changes

Change Log 19 Aug 14
  • Changed the Moving in Combat section of the Combat Chapter; new artwork, better explanation (read – simpler)
  • Defined the ranges more solidly; 5, 15, 50 and 50+ metres respectively.
  • Removed old warehouse line art Diagram for Movement, replaced with lush colour Diagram using tokens for VTT
  • Re-worked Critical Success mechanic; Crit Success is performed on a roll of a 4, as opposed to maximum die roll, and maximum amount of re-rolls possible reduced by 1 per die.
  • Critical Successes achieved with different die types now only apply to the lowest die rolled, not the highest; EG a d6 and d8 both rolling a Crit Success will only apply to the d6.
  • Modified the way First Aid and Healing works; this was more just a clean up of terms and clarifying that it requires a Primary Action to perform.
  • Minor grammatical fixes and typos
The biggest change this version is the Diagram for Movement, we thought that the colour image of the orcs and PC suited our needs better, and better illustrated what we we thinking about when we wrote the movement rules. Also, this version has now been Optimized and had Preflight checks completed and is ready for fast web view.

The Preview version of the Basic Rules Book is also ready for release, and will be uploaded to RPGNow shortly :)

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