Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Impending Release!

This month, our newest product range is about to EXPLODE onto the RPG scene! The Ample Basic Rules Book, along with the first Campaign Setting of Atlas City Almanac will be released sometime this month. We'll be selling them exclusively from and the sister site of We envision the Basic Rules Book to sell for around US$4 and the Atlas City Almanac for about US$3. 

This month has seen a few key changes to Ample, most notably the way the Wealth System works. We weren't happy with our play test results, it got too clumsy to book keep and players ended up preferring to use a coin based system instead. So, in order to make the system a bit more appealing (although still completely optional) we simplified it and made it clearer how the Advantage fluctuates with purchases and injections of cash. 

Now, buying things and paying for services incurs a Slide on future Wealth Checks equal to the Cost -1. These Slides are cumulative, and last for a week of game time. Should you gain enough Slides to make it so you drop a die from a Wealth Advantage Check, you lose your Slides and instead lose a whole point of Wealth. 

Increasing Wealth is easier now, when you gain Bumps you can store them up. When you have enough Bumps to increase ALL dice in a Wealth check, plus enough to gain another die and increase that to d6 (which is another 2 Bumps), you can instead cash the lot in to gain a permanent increase to Wealth. Bumps can also be traded for Tips if short term gain is desired over long term financial growth.

On another note, we've nearly finished a beaut campaign companion for a Science Fiction setting we'd like to run for the local gaming store to celebrate the release of Ample Basic Rules Book. We're using a familiar setting; the universe of Exile's End, but set smack in the middle of the Epoch period before the Collapse.

We're very excited about gaming in a new area, and hope to meet lots of great new gaming mates!

Stay tuned for the impending release, and stay sharp!

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