Monday, 11 January 2016

More endings than I'd like

R.I.P Mr Bowie

As we open the week, and begin the new year, we say goodbye to a great man. I won't pretend to know as much about David Bowie as some, but I did enjoy his music (some of it is even on my writing playlist). News of his passing caught me quite by surprise, as I'm sure it did many.

On the subject of endings, I'm approaching the end of my second book. Assault on Ambrose Station is coming along nicely, with great feedback from my test readers (Cheers, Ian!). To sum up the way I write, Ralph Waldo Emerson said it best:

"The writer is an explorer. Every step is an advance into a new land"

I start with an idea, and just start writing. I know where I want to get, but how I get there is up to the story itself. The more I think about where the story goes, the more I see different endings opening up for me. Which ending will I choose? These are things I need to work out now. If I don't decide, the story will push me in a direction which will create the ending for me.

I already know I want there to be a third book in the Seth Donovan series, with possibly more off-shoot novels to explore the universe I've created to write in, but how do I get there? If I just go with the flow, letting the story drive itself, I run the risk of putting my story in a difficult place to continue writing. There must be an ending, however, or there will be no new beginning for the next book.

On other new beginnings - I've started to go over my notes for the new RPG Galaxy's End. As previously mentioned, it will be in the same universe designed for Exile's End, only during the epoch of human civilisation. This same era that the Seth Donovan novels are in. While I always wanted to use Ample as the system to use, I've been toying with the idea of creating a unique system just for Galaxy's End. There should be many of the concepts penned in Ample, but I'm thinking of reworking enough that it wouldn't be a stretch to call it it's own thing.

Only issue now is finding the time for all my ideas to get penned. Maybe once I finish Assault on Ambrose Station?

Stay Sharp!

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