Thursday, 2 June 2016

Book 2 is Imminent!

The long awaited (well, not that long) much anticipated (well I know a few people who wanted it) sequel to Dreaming of Atmosphere is due out on the 15th June 2016, American time.

Go check it out!Assault on Ambrose Station

“You have a right to be scared. You’d be a fool if you weren’t. Last time I was here, I lost most of the people I respected most. I saw thousands of my comrades die under the guns of the Ghantri. If you look out there hard enough, you can probably still see their frozen bodies drifting through space. There’s a very high possibility that we’ll be joining them...”

Following on from the adventures of the Dreaming of Atmosphere and her crew, Seth Donovan finally makes it back to the Gossamer System. As events in the Inner System worlds start to spiral out of control, galaxy-spanning dangers begin to reveal themselves. Seth has one last chance to make right the mistakes that were made years ago, during the Push, but is the crew up to the challenge? Can a handful of travellers achieve what thousands of star marines could not, even with an entire fleet of warships at their back?

What started out as a risky venture, right from the beginning, ends up a deadly mission with far-reaching consequences when Seth learns the truth behind what is at stake in the Gossamer System, and faces his fears head on.

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