Monday, 31 October 2016

Absent, but not idle!

Been a while, but have not been idle!

A ton of things have swamped my life for the past few months, and will for some time longer. Chiefly among these is the big conclusion to the giant merger of Medtronic and Covidien (the company I work for) due to happen this month. I expect there to be a few boss battles, much xp and loot to be had. Possibly a raid event. On top of this, we’ve had to move our workshop into an integrated facility and this has been a huge endeavour, as well as a giant order of products due to a competitor dropping out of the market. A promotion, added responsibilities etcetera, etcetera…

Basically, all the things that life usually brings that gets in the way of extra-curricular activities. Due to this, I’ve had to prioritise my free time, somewhat. I’m still writing, so fret not, avid readers. Book 3 is finished, ready to move onto the editing phase. Book 4 has started. Still playing Xbox like a madman and still gaming various RPGs with my buddies.

Maintaining this blog, however, has taken a lower priority.

That being said – here’s what I got for ya:

Book titles to look out for:

Book 3 of the Seth Donovan Novels: Frontier’s End – Q1 2017

Book 4 of the Seth Donovan Novels: The Prophet Engineer - TBA

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