Monday, 18 February 2013

Moving Forward

Version 0.6 is complete! This milestone marks the completion of the Core Rules book, and is ready for online digital print sales. The PDF has bookmarks and indexed links to all the tables and chapters, making for ease of use on your tablets or PCs. In this state I have begun spreading the word, and getting the game out there to people for testing and feedback beyond my immediate group of gamers. I'm looking forward to the comments and suggestions on the state of play, and if there is anyone out there who would like to test it, please send me an email with some details about yourself and your group. I'm looking for new and old gamers, as they both have perspectives to offer that are unique and equally valuable.

I'm also thinking up some marketing strategies, such as discounts for online members (members of what? you ask...yeah I'm not sure yet either - stay tuned) and of course all the testers will receive either discounts, or even free copies as gifts depending on their level of involvement.

As it is, the product is looking to hover around 160 pages, and as far as setting information goes I consider it 'lite'. I intend to produce a couple of supplements at the same time, perhaps even free, to better illustrate the setting in the players' minds. There will also be an extended Bestiary, which is already in production stages, as the one in the book is merely meant to serve as an example of how easy this system is to create NPCs and monsters on the fly. There will be more supplements based around the different versions of magic, as each style has great potential for expanding and creating fantastic stories about. I've always been a fan of free style magic in games and this is a chance for me to truly flex my creative muscles in this regard.

So anyway, moving forward, I intend to release the product to the general public soon once playtesting of a few of the lesser tested areas gets...well, tested.

Stay Sharp!

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