Friday, 1 February 2013

Non-Human Races of Karth

The Alfari Ascendency was once a massive nation of elves, who over time were corrupted by the pursuit of Sorcery, demonology and other more vile magic. They became twisted and perverse, enslaving other races in Karth and eventually were destroyed through a combination of their own depravity and the heroic uprising of the young Karthi Barbarians. Now, they are a savage and degenerate peoples, living in the wilderness in tribes and small communities. They war constantly with each other and prey upon any and every community not their own. They still wield powerful magic in the form of spirits and demons bound to fetishes by wicked shamans, although they are a shadow of their former power. They have been known for cannibalism and savagery of almost bestial quality. A few, however, have become unchained from their society's vicious cycles. Whether through compassion for an orphaned Alfari child, or more sinister reasons, some become functioning, if somewhat untrusted and hated, members of Karthi society. The Empire welcomes cosmopolitanism and recognises anyone's desire to live under Imperial rule. Alfari characters still possess some of the agility of their ancestors, and receive the Talent Agile, allowing them to add their Cunning to any one Reflex based Skill check once per day. They also receive the Talent Untrusted, which causes all NPC Attitudes to automatically be 1 level lower when they are first met.

Known throughout the Empire as Dwarves, the Bolfi generally keep to themselves, and rarely venture out of the mountains they call home. They have in the past traded with the Empire and Karthi before them, but the industrialist Empire has begun encroaching on their domain for the purpose of mining. The Karthi call them Stonefolk, due to their ashen, almost grey stone-like skin. They were enslaved by the Alfari as well, and respected the Karthi warriors as instrumental to overthrowing them. The Empire, not so much. No Bolfi will sit and be called a Dwarf without challenging the honour of the offender, and their quick tempers are legendary. Stout, strong backed and the most loyal of allies, Stonefolk characters receive the Talent Hardy, which allows them to add their Power to any one Resilience based Skill check once per day. They must also receive the Talent Stout, which reduces their Movement rate by 1 square.

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